Lancia Club Hellas represents , the efforts of Lancia enthousiasts, founding an association were ideas, knowledge and experience are shared over a series of activities that preserve and promote correctly Lancia image,respecting the most high values of Lancia spirit.

Lancia Club Hellas has founded the Lancia Registry of Greece where all Historic Lancia vehicles, that are correctly preserved or even restored can be enrolled and receive a special certificate tha ensures that the car in question is completely original and well preserved ,  and classified accoring the FIVA Technical Code .

Lancia Club Hellas’s Racing Team at the Historic Acropolis Rally

Lancia Club Hellas’s Racing Team partecipated at the 10°th Historic Acropolis Rally which was hold in Greece between 5-8 of May 2011 a race of more than 1000 Milles to run for the historic cars, the ‘Squadra Corse’ racing team of our Club ,not only fulfilled the goal to reapeat the winning results in 2009 where at the Sports Section our Lancia Fulvia 1.3 HF, won the third place in C1 Category ,Silver Cup, but went along with an OVERALL VICTORY of the 1st position in the C1 catecory ,Gold Cup, in the asphalt section of the famous Acropolis Rally.

We partecipated with the following historic car :-a Lancia Fulvia Coupè 1.3 HF with a GRUPPO 4 preparation for the Spost Section drived by Mr. Ioannis D.Mastrogiannis / Ioannis Ravanis – the restoration and the preparation of the team is taken care by CARESTORATION.

Our ‘Squadra Corse’ Racing Teamd uses esclusively WURTH products for maintance and restoration of our racing car after each day of the race.

We would like to thank our sponsor Wurth Hellas S.A for providing us of all the nessesary material to run the race of our ‘Squadra Corse’car and Carestoration who takes care of our Lancia Fulvia permitting us to win and preserve the imagine of Lancia Marque.

You can download our Rally Acropolis final results partecipation

The aims of Lancia Club Hellas are simple, concrete and solid:

1 Strength of Lancia Logo

The Lancia Logo reflects a long history and tradition in car manufacturing. The Lancia Club of Greece aims to preserve, promote and strengthen this Logo without taking into account any market fluctuations or "streams". The Members of Lancia Club believe that "Lancia" means above all "culture". Therefore the Lancia Club of Greece makes its best to support all actions that keep newer and older Lancias in excellent running condition and shape. Lancia Style Lancia cars, whatever their productions date are, have a unique common characterisic: Style The Lancia Club Hellas disseminates characteristics of this style as they are reflected in the mechanics, the passenger compartment and driving pleasure.

2 Maintenance, Restauration and enrolment of Lancia Historic cars in Lancia Registry of Greece

Lancia Club Hellas takes support actions related to the Maintenance and Restoration of all Lancia models. The experience of its Members regarding maintenance issues is disseminated and communicated over the internet and Member meetings. Technical advices, tips of points to take care of, are some of its actions. Restoration support is provided through strategic agreements with official Lancia representatives, as well as with independent shops in Greece like Car Restoration and abroad.

3 Lancia Historic Veichle Register of Greece

Lancia Club Hellas offers special support to all Lancia owners and gives the opportunity to certify their car's genuinity by enrolling them to the Lancia Historic Veichle Register of Greece,accoring Lancia Club Italia's quality and preservation standards, from which is officialy recognised ,along with the regulations of the Fiva 2010 Tecnical Code .

4 Promotion of Lancia Rally Heritage through Lancia Club Hellas's SQUADRA CORSE

Ultimately Lancia Club Hellas participates under a common presence in historic rallies in Greece,like the Historic Acropolis Rally of 2009 and abroad with it’s own SQUADRA CORSE, a well organased RACING TEAM,wich is composed by Lancia fans who are expert on preparing a racing care able to win, as it happend on Historic Acropolis Rally in 2009,where our Team won the third title on C2 Category with a wonderfull Lancia Fulvia Coupè 1.3 Rallye.Our Racing Team partecipates also in the 10th Historic Acropolis Rally from 5- to 8 of May 2011.Click on the link below for more details!

Lancia Club Hellas’s Racing Team at the 10th Historic Acropolis Rally 2011

5 Mettings and events

Achievement of the Lancia Club Hellas aims are uniquely dependent on the communication of Lancia enthusiasts in Greek territory and abroard. Regular meetings are scheduled in order to discuss news and issues regarding all Lancia models. Members communication is further enhanced by annual national events as National Lancia gathering day,along with partecipation to international Lancia events hold by other Lancia Clubs all over te world.

Lancia Club Hellas is a LEGALY constituted Club, established by virtue of decision Number 6951/08 of the First Instance Court of Athens, which approved its foundation.

Besides is Eclusively recognised as Official Lancia Club of Greece by Lancia Club Italia and Lancia S.p.A Lancia

Lancia Club Hellas is member of the GREEK FEDERATION OF AUTOMOTIVE & AND MOTORCYCLE CLUBS which is FIVA's Official Representative in Greek territory, since 2009, and also member of the Greek-Italian Chamber of Commerce, since 2008.

Lancia Club Hellas headquarters  are situated in one of the most exclusive suburbs of Athens at the following adress:

Lancia Club Hellas,44 Chimaras Street, GR-145 62  Kifisia, Athens

Τhe phone number of Lancia Club Hellas's headquarters is : 211-0120047  while our e-mail is the following :

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